Almajd Specialized  Hospital is one of the private hospitals in Yemen and has been equipped with the latest medical equipment according to an
international medical standards . It contains a highly qualified and experienced team of consultants physicians, specialists, and administrative staff specialized in medical management.
It established on December 2005, 22 with an aim of supporting health sector providing the best healthcare services to community around us. Since its foundation , we have been always striving to develop medical services following Total Quality Management through providing best healthcare services for patients and as per our principles and targets.

Al Majd Hospital is considered as one of distinguished hospitals in its great services and tangible initiatives in helping patients and society and hope the other  hospitals to  follow this leading
hospital in introducing community medical services. Some of these society initiatives as discount reach to 40% in all medical services in hospital are that granted to all government teachers  in Bani Al Harith
District further to more than 100 boxes of First Aid .
We also introduce our thanks to the great hospital  administration for their constant development and improvement of health services , also their continuous response with us in the Health Office always find them ahead of any tasks are assigned to them by Health Sector Administration in Bani Al Harith District or ministry. The hospital also offers a great discounts to help patients, so whatever we trying to  describe our feelings toward this pioneer medical facility , unable to do  only ask Allah to reward them in their large medical works.
Director of the Bani AlHarith Health Office
Dr. Ghassan Haidar Thabet

Al Majd Specialized Hospital is one of the most  distinguished hospitals in our area  due to high quality medical services that we have found comparing with other hospitals. The hospital also possesses a qualified physicians and developed medical equipment, especially in recent years. From our side , we are highly appreciated Almajd hospital administration for the big role in introducing  good medical services to patients. 
Asking the Almighty to guide them to serve patients.
Former Governor of Hadramaut Province
 Salah Obad Alkhawlani

In simple words, I am glad to mention about our vision that involves  in providing a distinguished medical services, and to be leaders in  giving best health care for patients . We have worked continuously according to a continuous development and improvement methodology since hospital establishing in 2005 until now.
Al Majd Specialized Hospital is a hospital for everyone. We have equipped  it with the latest medical equipment and devices and appointed the best qualified medical personnel with high experience. We recently established a Total Quality Management ( TQM), taking highly consideration to this section, all for providing outstanding health care.
From this perspective, we have introduced many social and service initiatives. whether for teachers  or others, as big reductions in medical services in order to alleviate suffering of our Yemeni people and to be altogether in developing our country  through health sector..
I am honored , in this regard,  to extend my sincere thanks with highly appreciation and gratitude to everyone contributed to an establishment, construction and development of this great  medical edifice. I also thank our team of administrators, consultants, specialists physicians , technicians and nurses, as well as confidence of our patients and customers  with us for support and assistance. In short, we promise all that we shall continue to do our best to keep progress providing better medical service and lower cost.
Directors Board Chairman
Ali Mabkhout Alboshari


    In terms of responsibility that we take in the medical department of Al Majd Specialized Hospital, we exert all efforts  in accordance with the policies and objectives that build based on  methodology of planning, organizing, directing and effective control of all medical services that it performs by all treatment and diagnostic departments further to implementing  training, development programs for all medical staff according to  standards and international medical protocols, in addition to supervising on an infection control program, keeping the patient's safety in mind and our dedication to providing our best to patents , achieving quality in all our works.

Mediacl Manager

Praise be to Allah, Lord of the worlds, prayers and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad ( pbuh), and companions
We at , Al Majd Special Hospital,  always strive to develop medical services in scientific and practical fields in terms of providing the best modern medical equipment and appointed specialized physicians in all medical departments . Our policy is  according to the regulations and laws drawn by the Ministry of Public Health and Population and its offices.
With God's help, the expansion project of Al Majd Specialized Hospital has been accomplished in recent years in infrastructure and creation of  new specialized clinics accordingly to patients’needs with a reasonable prices that made as  per situation of our country . Despite all, we will remain persevering with every effort to provide more and more of medical services and based on our capabilities. We will keep in progress following all new requirements that meet needs of patients, taking into account the human side, which shall always remain the main goal to us .
Finally ,We ask Allah to bestow healthy and safety for all our beloved country people, the Arab and Islamic nation.
Executive Manger 
Helal Yahya Almafa