Rokn Almajd for Import Medical Appliances And Drugs  was formed and established in 2016 as a private Yemeni Company for Medicines and Medical Appliances ,Trading and Distribution. It is one of the branches of Al-Majd Group. Rokn Almajd has drawn its plan from the beginning, which is to import the best pharmaceutical products and medical supplies to sell them through their distribution channels in Republic of Yemen. So far, it has eight main approved branches in the Republic of Yemen in seven large Yemeni governorates in addition to the company's main headquarter in Sana'a - For more information, link in branches section. Rokn Almajd is able to reach 80% of the Yemeni market, including its big customers in the Republic of Yemen, and can be approximately divide our customers that exceed 600 customer  to be: 65% hospitals, 20% medical centers and pharmacies, and 15% for our Medical Group: Al-Majd Specialized Hospital, the First  Medical Yemeni Center and a number of pharmacies - for information click on customers section  .

What distinguishes Rokn Almajd is its commitments to its principles and goals for which it was established, and its carefully selection of quality products as a basic feature and main objective.

  • Rokn Almajd is an approved and officially registered company in the Republic of Yemen in the Ministry of Industry and Trade under number : 2016010489  . On the Supreme Board of Drugs and Medical Appliances (SBDMA) License No:581. A member of the Chamber of Commerce under No:581 38407  and a member of the Federation Importers Medicine & Medical Supplies under number of 445. To view the certificates obtained, click the link